Tuesday, 19 February, 2008


'Love' is not only expressed through acts or feeelings. It could also be conveyed through words and it should have to be. Remember to say I LOVE YOU to your loved ones when you feel you love them. It tells them a lot more than you think it is. Its a magic word which creates sparks in one another. A three word sentence which echoes back three hundred times, which melts the mountain of pains, sufferings and sorrows. When you say I LOVE YOU, the hearer will be thrilled with happiness and joy in his or her mind, which will get reflected in their face automatically. But keep in mind- don't restrict this love in your words but make it transform into your actions too.

When you get a victory over Satan from commiting a sin- look up to the heaven and say,"Thank you Jesus. As you know I LOVE YOU".
When God does miracles in your love, tell him," Thank you Jesus. I LOVE YOU".
And keep on telling him that I LOVE YOU - and so should you always....

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